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The best way to organise your GitHub Stars.

What's New?


Using Oh My Star, you can easily view all your starred repositories on GitHub. It will automatically fetch and update your stars.

If you want to take a quick glimpse of others’ stars, Oh My Star will be here. You can easily and quickly view others’ starred repositories using Oh My Start.

Putting some starred repositories in a group will be the most efficient way to organize your stars.

Not only can you add tags and rate to repositories, but you also can customize a perfect management style.

Sorting your starred repositories by name, rate, date will provide a simple way to find a repository.

By Searching name, tag, description, a specified language in all of your repositories, you can easily and exactly find which repositories you want.

Oh My Star is also a great way to share starred repositories with friends. You can copy a whole group of repositories and send these favorite repositories to your friends.

Oh My Star can sync your data through all your devices by iCloud. Your data will be available anytime you need it.